SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga

What is SUP Yoga?

Encounter the serenity of the water, doing YOGA on board. Learn SUP Yoga with our Yoga instructor and came across the rejuvenating effect of SUP.

Art of paddling along a body of water and soaking in the natural surrounding is mediating.

Benefits / Special about SUP Yoga in KADAL?

• One step on the paddle board is one step closer to inner peace.
• SUP Yoga is a great way to find inner peace on paddle board.
• The sensation of floating on water which can help on alleviate the daily stress and heaviness that life can bring in the main benefit of SUP Yoga.
• You will learn with very experienced and happy stand up paddlers in the Ocean/ Backwaters.
• The weather here is very beautiful and we will assure you that you will have lot of fun with Team KADAL.

Is SUP Yoga suitable for you?

• Is knowing swimming and yoga mandatory? – It is good to know some swimming and yoga.
• For whom is SUP Yoga preferred? – It is ideal for everyone – Children and adults, groups and families, corporate events and to anyone who is interested to learn Stand Up Paddling.

Course Details

Discovery SUP YOGA Programme – 1000/-

• Duration of Course: 90 mins.

What KADAL offers you in SUP Yoga?

• SUP board rental.
• Safety equipment rental.
• Each lesson is two hours and healthy small eats included post SUP YOGA lesson.
• By the end of the SUP YOGA lesson you will learn about SUP, Self Rescue, Ocean Awareness, Yoga and SUP Fitness.