SUP Surfing


Surfing at Malpe is a whole new experience. Here you get to surf midst of beautiful islands and white sands of Malpe beach. Any individual or group, children or senior citizens, solo traveller or corporate group any body can learn surfing and ride the wave at KADAL. Surfing is an adventure surface water sport in which the surfer rides on the face of a moving wave, which usually carries the surfer towards the shore.

What is Surfing?

SUP Surfing is a beautiful combination of Surfing and Stand Up Paddling. Here you have Big Surf Board or even a small one ( if you are a pro ), a paddle and all you do is surfing.

SUP Surfing is one of the best forms of cross training for your surfing. When the waves are too small you go out with sup and enjoy the stoke of being able to catch and ride the tiniest of the waves. So with surfing you can turn an un-surf-able session into a super fun one.

Benefits / Special about Surfing in KADAL?

• Sup surfing works on muscles you have never used before.
• Then pumping down a wave takes more power and style which trickles down to your surf skills.
• You will learn with very experienced and happy surfers in the Ocean.
• The weather here is very beautiful and we will assure you that you will have lot of fun in the Ocean with Team KADAL

IS Surfing suitable for you?

• Is knowing swimming mandatory? – It is good to know some swimming.
• For whom is SP Surfing preferred? – It is ideal for everyone – Children and adults, groups and families, corporate events and to anyone who is interested to learn Surfing.

Course Details

• 3 days Surfing Course 4500/-
• 5 days Surfing Course 6600/-
( includes post Surf Brekkie, instructor fees, equipment rentals and certification )
• Discovery SUP Surf Programme 1500/-
( includes post sup brekkie, instructor fees, equipment rental )

What KADAL offers you in Surfing?

• Surf board rental.
• Safety equipment rental.
• Each lesson is two hours and healthy small eats included post surf lesson 🙂
• By the end of third of the surfing lesson you will learn about Surfing, Self Rescue, Ocean Awareness and Surf Fitness.