SUP – Stand Up Paddling

SUP - Stand Up Paddling

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is the sister sport of Surfing, where you stand on the long board and use paddle to move in various direction and catch wave. Any individual can do Stand Up Paddling, no matter they are good with swimming or not.

Does Stand Up Paddling at KADAL has any thing special ?

• Stand Up Paddling is the one of the best full body workouts.
• SUP fitness is a combination of strength, balance, core and endurance, so you can burn more calories in an hour than most sports.
• SUP provides you enough time to spend with nature.
• Stay unplugged from everything around and get yourself immersed in the magnificent outdoors of Malpe.
• Enjoy the wonder of paddling across the glassy waters on any beautiful day.
• A SUP session can be anything you make of it. It can be a fun way to let loose with friends or it could be solo paddle to relax the mind and forget the problems you have on land.

IS Stand Up Paddling suitable for you?

• Is swimming Mandatory? – It is good to know some swimming. But, is not mandatory.
• For whom is SUP prefered? – It is ideal for everyone – Children and adults, groups and families, corporate events and to anyone who is interested to learn Stand Up Paddling Paddle-boarding is for all ages and its fitness level. It should only take first timers about an hour to feel confident on a paddle board. After that the world’s waters are your oyster. One of the greatest adventure of paddle boarding is that you can do it where-ever there is a body of water.

Course Details

• Discovery Stand Up Padding Programme 1500/-
( includes  instructor fees, equipment rental )
• 3 days SUP Course ( Level 1 ) 4500/-
( includes post SUP brekkie, instructor fees, equipment rental and certification )

• Duration of Course: 90 mins.

What KADAL offers you in Stand Up Paddling?

• SUP board rental.
• Safety equipment rental.
• Each lesson is two hours and healthy small eats included post SUP lesson.
• By the end of the SUP lesson you will learn about SUP, Self Rescue, Ocean Awareness and SUP Fitness.